Jersey is a picturesque and unspoiled island just off the coast of France, near Normandy, although it is actually British Crown Dependency. Because of this, the island has a wonderful mix of both French and British culture, making it a great place to visit. There are plenty of ferries to the Channel Islands, and ferries from the south coast of England can be caught from Portsmouth, Weymouth, and Poole. Just take your car on to the ferry for a great driving holiday.

Jersey’s countryside is a treat to explore. Full of winding roads and a remarkably beautiful coastline, Jersey is the perfect place to drive around. The island itself measures a mere forty-five square miles, meaning you can explore most of the untouched countryside during your stay. The rural parts of the island are mostly wooded areas, wide open pastures contained within small walls of granite, cliffs, and hedgerows. The length of roads here comes to only four-hundred and fifty miles. Some of the main roads, such as those near St Helier, might get busy, but there are country roads which have speed limits of fifteen miles per hour, and are known as Green Lanes.

Another great way to explore the island is by bike. There are ninety-six miles of cycle roads, most of which are on-road. However, there’s an excellent off-road path which runs along the southern coastline, to La Corbière. You can hire bikes around the island, or just strap your own onto the car.

There are some incredible examples of flora and fauna to look out for during your exploration. The fields are awash with stitchwort, bluebells, and wild daffodils. Barn owls are common, and you might also happen to see a red squirrel. In the dunes, you’ll find orchids and pansies, and around the cliffs there are an abundance of birds, such as petrels, puffins, and hoopoes.

However, it’s not all about the countryside. There also plenty to do in the towns. If you’ve taken the family over, take a trip to the local St Peter adventure park, aMaizin! Pay once on entry, and you have unlimited access to all the rides, which include go-karts, the toboggan, gold mining, and the Water Warriors. There’s also a barnyard where younger children can pet Jersey cows.

For more exotic animals, visit Trinity’s Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Les Augrès Manor, where you’ll find lemurs, gorillas and orangutans, as well as over one thousands types of unusual reptiles, mammals and birds.

For something a bit more cultural while you’re in Trinity, take a trip to The Pallot Steam, Motor and General Museum. The museum has a great assortment of machines, including vintage cars and bikes, farm machinery, and steam machinery.

You can also just take a bit of time out from your busy schedule by relaxing on some of Jersey’s beaches.

Another great Idea is to use Jersey as a stop off point. From here, you can also take the boat to France’s mainland. Drive back on the ferry and be in Saint Malo in an hour and fifteen minutes, where you can drive into France.