Guernsey is a popular tourist destination just off the coast of Normandy in France, although is it part of the British Crown Dependency. The easiest way to get there is to drive onto one of the ferries to the channel islands from England. The ferry from either Poole or Portsmouth to Guernsey are some of the most popular ways to get to the Channel Islands and allow you to explore the island by car.

Not only is the island a beautiful place, it’s also full of history and culture. Many people visiting Guernsey often go back again and again. There is an abundance of bays and beaches for you to explore. It’s also famous for its stunning countryside, making it the ideal holiday destination for walkers and cyclists. The cliffs along the coastline in particular are great for exploring. One of the most popular walks is the path between St Peter Port and Pleinmont. It runs for about sixteen miles, and can be tough going. However, if you find yourself tired out, you can always head inland and catch a cab back to town.

One of the main tourist attractions on Guernsey is the Hauteville House in St Peter Port. It is most famous for being the house where Victor Hugo stayed whilst he was in exile. You can find out more about this and his life inside the house at the Victor Hugo museum. Afterwards, explore the rest of the house and the beautiful gardens.

Guernsey is also home to a number of museums and galleries. You can’t miss the enormous fortress towering over the harbour and the town, Castle coronet, which is open to the public most days. Another interesting afternoon out is a trip to the German Occupation Museum. Guernsey was occupied during the Second World War, and this museum is dedicated to the day-to-day life during this time.

One of the great things about Guernsey is that there is more to explore than this single island. There are other interesting islands that are popular with tourists which can be reached by boat. One of the closer options is the Island of Hern. This is most popular with beach-goers, particularly Shell Beach, but there are many other, more secluded beaches to choose from. The boats depart from St Peter Port harbour, and the journey time is around twenty minutes. Be warned though: if you suffer from sea-sickness, the waters can sometimes be rough.

The next closest island is Sark, with an abundance of beaches and cavers for the budding explorer. This is a much smaller island, measuring only 3 miles in length, so it won’t take you long to get around it. The journey time to Sark is around forty-five minutes. The biggest island is Alderney, which even has an airport. It has a population of almost 2500 people, who all have a very relaxed demeanour. Come and explore the countryside and the beaches.

And you’re not limited to staying in Guernsey. If you’re after a driving holiday, or you’re looking to head into France after your stay, ferries can be caught to the French mainland. St Malo, Cartaret, and Dielette are the port options, or you could island-hop across to Jersey.