Roscoff is a picturesque little fishing town on West Brittany’s coastline. A lot of people use is as a gateway to the rest of France after catching the ferry over from Plymouth. But it is such a shame to overlook this beautiful tourist destination. Take a few days to explore the town’s delights and you won’t regret it.

Roscoff is a traditional seaside resort, so even if it’s just a bit of beach time you’re looking for before your journey across France, it’s an ideal spot. The beach at Laber is the most popular. The shoreline is littered with restaurants, bars, shops, and traditional houses made of granite which date back as far as the sixteenth century. Take an afternoon to breathe in the sea air and views at the old harbour.

If you’re travelling with the kids, take them on a trip to Roscoff’s local aquarium. It has hundreds of examples of sea life from around the globe to dazzle and delight young and old alike.

The fishy theme doesn’t stop there. As it’s a fishing village, Roscoff’s restaurants are heavy on the catch of the day. The seafood here is always fresh, and shouldn’t be missed, particularly the mussels. If fish isn’t to your liking, there’s plenty more French cuisine, including the popular crepes.

The sea around the village was believed to have the power to heal. At the turn of the twentieth century, one of the first thalassotherapy centres opened up and is still in business today. Get yourself an appointment for an afternoon’s indulgence. Treatments here include therapies with seaweed and sea water to promote relaxation. A half day ticket is around eighty Euros.

One of the most popular buildings in Roscoff is the local church, the Notre Dame de Croatz Batz, which is an incredible example of gothic architecture. The sixteenth century church has been restored.

Another great place to visit is the popular Jardin Exotique. These incredible botanical gardens are home to over three-thousand types of flora hailing from across the globe. From the highest point in the garden, you’ll also enjoy views of the Château du Taureau, Roscoff bay, and Morlaix bay.

You can also take a boat trip out to sea while you’re here. The most popular trip is to the Ile de Batz. It’s only about fifteen minutes away from the mainland, and has a gorgeous little lighthouse as well as a stunning landscape.

Roscoff is an excellent starting point if you wish to explore more of Brittany. There are a number of motorways (most of which are toll-free) going from here to many larger cities in the area, so take the chance to explore after bringing your car across on the ferry. And if you’re driving on from Roscoff, the roads are easy to follow for your onward journey. Bordeaux is 312 miles away, Paris is 288 miles away, and Quimper is only 51 miles away. If you set off early, you can be far into France by the end of the day.