Europe is a haven for beautiful towns and cities, not just the capitals but also smaller villages and off-the-beaten-track roads and places. It is a continent that is known for its rich and varied history, evident within its stunning architecture.

The problem with taking package tours and flights is that you actually get to see very little of the country you’re visiting. That’s why a driving tour can be a much better option. Driving through a new country means you’ll really immerse yourself in the countryside of the regions, whether it’s mountains or valleys. There are plenty of ferry crossings from England to Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark, which means taking your car on a European driving tour has never been easier. So get behind the wheel and explore your favourite European city at your own pace. Here are a few suggestions for the best trips to take.

The French Riviera

If you want to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, get yourself a convertible sports car and speed your way around the open roads of the Riviera. The stunning seaside cities and towns you can explore include Cannes, St Tropez, Monte Carlo and Nice. The coastline is stunning, with an incredible backdrop of breathtaking mountains, as well as some deep lush valleys.


A lot of people forget that Iceland is part of Europe, but the landscape here can only be described as other wordly. You’ll see vast, bleak landscapes filled with Martian-looking grey rock, chasms in the earth, and tall snow-tipped mountain peaks, as well as volcanoes, fjords, and glaciers dating back millions of years. The whole country is easily accessible by the Route 1 ring road, which goes the entire circumference of the country. It is known by locals and tourists alike as the Magic Circle. Try to visit Iceland in spring when the weather is best. This is also the best time to see the Northern Lights.

Austria’s Great Alpine Road

Whatever you do, don’t go between November and April, as you won’t be able to pass through. The road becomes so dangerous during the winter months that it has to be closed down. However, when it is open, you’ll be filled with wonder along this spectacular road. Along it you’ll find the tallest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner, and some incredible cliff faces to drive along. Whatever you do, pay attention to the speed limit, as there are a few treacherous turns. But it’ll all be worthwhile when you see the views.

Germany’s Romantic Road

The Alps are one of the most famous mountain ranges in Europe, so it’s would be a crime not to visit. It’s like visiting a fairytale land, or being transported back in time. The road is littered with ancient castles, churches, and picturesque ruins, as well as a stunning mountain range backdrop. There are some gorgeous little villages dating back to medieval times.

Romania’s Transfagarason

According to Jeremy Clarkson, this is the best road to drive along in Europe. You might not like him, but he has a point. The road snakes through the Fagaras mountain range and you’ll even go past Dracula’s castle.