Before the Oresund Bridge, residents of Malmo in Sweden or Copenhagen in Denmark had to take a one and a half hour ferry ride across the Oresund Strait that separates the two countries and cities. The bridge was completed in 2000. In fact to call it a bridge doesn’t really do this amazing structure justice. It is in fact a bridge that becomes a tunnel, with an artificial island in between. It is 16km long, and probably one of the most unique pieces of engineering in Scandinavia. Not only that, but it also offers a quick and easy link from Denmark to Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. This of course means that anyone taking their car over from UK to Denmark by ferry (ferries go from Harwich to Esbjerg), the open road and the whole of Scandinavia awaits.

Oresund Bridge

Driving or taking a train across the bridge now takes just 20 minutes. Of course, it doesn’t come easy to us to say that a bridge is better than a ferry, but perhaps we can make an exception on this one occasion, simply because the Oresund Bridge really is something quite special. In fact, did you know the bridge can be seen from space? See the satellite image from NASA below. The wide stretch in the middle of the water is the artificial island, Peberholm.

Oresund Bridge satellite

Not only does the bridge connect two countries. It can carry trains and has four lanes for cars and other vehicles. It has three distinct parts or segments. From Denmark, it begins with an underwater tunnel, stretching for around 3.5km under the Oresund Strait.

View of the bridge from Copenhagen

View of the bridge from Copenhagen

Once the tunnel emerges from the water, it becomes a roadway racing along a man-made island called Peberholm for around 4km. The third and final segment is a cable-supported bridge with carries roads and railway track over the Oresund Strait for 7.8km, and eventually to Sweden.

Oresund Bridge Toll Prices

The Oresund Bridge toll prices are sadly quite expensive. For a standard size car, up to 6 metres long, the cash price for 2014 will be 46 Euros. A car with caravan or a motorhome will be 92 Euros. A motorbike however, will cost 24 Euros. There are discounted prices and tickets available. It’s possible to pay a the toll booths in Euros, Danish or Swedish currency, as well as a range of major credit cards. For more information, see the official Oresund Bridge website here.

If you are thinking of a driving tour around Scandinavia, or perhaps just taking the car to Denmark and briefly into Sweden, the Oresund Bridge will surely be one of the highlights of your drive.


Map of the Oresund Bridge