If you are touring around Denmark it is inevitable that you will come across an old castle or two, locally known as “slot”. One particular “slot” well worth a visit is the hugely impressive Frederiksborg Castle situated in Hillerød, North Zeeland, not too far from Copenhagen.

It was built in the early 17th Centry, although records say there has been a castle or manor of some sort on these grounds since 1275. After further buildings were added, the castle came to belong to the Danish King Frederik II in 1560, and it was from that time the castle got its current name: Frederiksborg Castle. Ferderik’s son, Christian IV and these are the buildings that developed the castle buildings further, in the early 1600s, in the Renaissance style, and these are largely the buildings that you see when you visit today. The castle had to be completely renovated after a fire in 1859 caused severe damage, but it was eventually restored to its former glory for us all to enjoy today.

Frederiksborg Castle – The Versailles of the North

Inside the castle there is a magnificent chapel, with stunning stained glass and awe inspiring organ pipes.

Frederiksborg Castle Chapel

It’s easy to understand why this area was such an attraction for building a grand castle, since it stands directly on a magnificent lake in some of the world’s most wonderful gardens. Frederiksborg Castle is sometimes described as “The Versailles of the North” and is the largest of all of the Renaissance castles in Scandinavia. Today it’s a truly wonderful place to see beautiful architecture, a big slice of Denmark’s history, as well as enjoy some scenic walks and even a boat trip on the lake.

Frederiksborg Castle Lake

The castle has been the location of Denmark’s Museum of National History since 1878, where visitors can take a tour through the history of Denmark from the Middle Ages to the current day.

The gardens at Frederiksborg Castle are a feast for the eyes. The main garden was designed in its current Baroque style in 1720. After a few alterations had changed it somewhat over the years, in 1990 it was decided to completely restore the garden to how it looked back in the 18th century. There is also a romantic English style garden to visit and enjoy, as well as extensive grounds and shores of the lake.

You can enjoy a picnic in the castle grounds or by the lake, or indeed visit the fine restaurant, the Leonora, which is situated in a former stables by the lake and offers wonderful views of the castle.

Frederiksborg_Castle blue sky

How to get to Frederiksborg Castle:
If you are in Copenhagen you can take the S-Train (Line E) to Hillerød, which takes around 45 minutes.

The castle is also a straightforward 40km drive along Route 16 from Copenhagen and takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

If you are driving direct fromthe ferry port at Esbjerg, Frederiksborg is about a 3 hour drive, mostly on the E20 towards Copenhagen. Ferries from UK to Denmark are operated by DFDS and go from Harwich to Esbjerg.

The price of admission is for the full day, with access to the castle, gardens and museum.

Adults: 75 DKK (around €10 or £8.50)
Children: 20 DKK (€2.60 or £2.20)
Seniors and Students 60 DKK

There are guided tours available. The museum is open during the summer from 10am to 5pm. During the winter opening hours are shorter, from 11am to 3pm.

Address and contacts:

The Museum of National History
Frederiksborg Castle
3400 Hillerød

Tel: + 45 48 26 04 39
Web: www.dnm.dk/UK/Forside.htm