There are various ferry crossings from Wales to Ireland, setting off from Holyhead, Fishguard, or Pembroke. The Pembroke to Rosslare route is operated by Irish Ferries – one of the best around – and offers a great option for anyone a bit too far away from Holyhead, but would still like to get over to Ireland around the Dublin area. In fact Rosslare is only about 90 miles south of Dublin, although of course Rosslare is also especially well placed for anyone wanting to explore the south of Ireland too.


Journey Time
Pembroke to Rosslare2 per day4 hoursIrish ferriesIrish Ferries
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FAQs for the Pembroke to Rosslare Ferry Crossing

How long is the ferry crossing from Pembroke to Rosslare?
The crossing takes 4 hours, with a quick and efficient 30 minute check-in.

Does the ferry sail overnight?
Yes, or at least through the very early morning. There are usually two crossings from Pembroke to Rosslare per day. The early crossing departs Pembroke at 2.45am, and arrives at 6.45 am. The afternoon ferry leaves at 14.45, to arrive at Rosslare at 18.45.

What is it like on-board?
Irish Ferries “Isle of Inishmore” ship is used for the Pembroke to Rosslare route. It has every kind of facility on-board that you are likely to need – from shops, several cafes and restaurants, to free Wi-Fi, cabins and kids’ play area.

Ferry Crossings from Pembroke to Rosslare

Do I need to book a cabin?
No, there are seats similar to airline or train seats, although the Pembroke to Rosslare crossing does offer cabins and also an option to reserve a Club Class seat and lounge, for added comfort during your journey.

Which is better: Pembroke to Rosslare or Fishguard to Rosslare?
Pembroke is a bit further inland and therefore possibly easier to get to for many travellers driving to the 2 ports in Wales. Pembroke Dock is about 1 hour 20 minutes from Swansea, and around 1 hour from the M4 motorway, before the motorway turns into the A48. Having said that, the ferry crossing from Fishguard to Rosslare is half an hour shorter, at 3.5 hours instead of 4 hours.

One thing to consider is the departure and arrival times of the ferries to Rosslare, and think which joureny times will suit you trip the best. The 2.45 am departure might not be as bad as it sounds, since you can get comfortable on the ferry and have at least 4 hours rest before you arrive in Ireland for your onward journey.

One thing that might sawy your choice is the choice of things to do in the Pembroke area. If you head there with a few hours (or even a day or two) to spare before the ferry departs, you could start your holiday trip early by enjoying some of the things the Pembroke coastal reas has to offer.

Pembroke Dock

The ferry departs from Pembroke Dock, which became a Royal Dockyard in been 1814. the deep natural harbour there made it a perfect choice for a dockyard and shuipbuilding. Over 260 Royal Navy ships were built there, as well as no less than 5 Royal Yachts for Queen Victoria, between 1843 to 1899.

Things to Do in Pembroke and Pembroke Dock

If you drive out to Pembroke to get the ferry to Ireland, there’s no need to cut things too finely. Get there in plenty of time and you’ll find a few things to do in Pembroke before your ferry crossing.

Pembroke and the separate but nearby town of Pembroke Dock are surrounded my beautiful countryside and coastline. In fact the Pembrokeshire coastal path is probably one of the best walks available in Britain. There are also endless beaches to enjoy, including the hugely popular Barafundle Bay.

But if walking or beach life isn’t your thing, then consider a boat trip around the coastline to see some of the abundant wildlife. There are boat companies in the area that specialise in such trips, such as this one.

You could even take a boat trip to the island of Skomer in St Brides Bay, where you will get to see puffins, razorbills, owls, seals and Manx Shearwater birds. There are 120,000 mating pairs on the island, and the noise they make returning to their nests at dusk in such huge numbers is quite astonishing. Boat trips on the Dale Princess leave from Martin’s Haven which is about 40 minutes drive from Pembroke.

A visit to Pembroke wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the ancient castle there. There are often concerts and other special events on during the warmer months, but there are guided tours and the chance to explore this medieval castle all the year round.

For something a little different, head over to Pembroke Dock (where the ferry to Ireland departs) and find the tiny museum dedicated to the RAF Flying Boats, the Sunderland. The museum is free entrance and run by friendly and knowledgeable volunteers. Flying Boats were moored at Pembroke Dock during World War II and this museum tells the story of these amazing vessels. There are still the remains of one of the boats lying under the water just off the local coast.


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