Rosslare is in the south east of Ireland, very near to Wexford and the larger city of Waterford. The Fishguard to Rosslare route is especially popular with those wanting to explore the south of Ireland, but not necessarily Dublin. Although don’t forget that there’s plenty on offer in Rosslae itself, since it is a lovely seaside town with a Blue Flag beach. On the other hand, the ferry crossings to Dublin depart from either Holyhead or Liverpool, both a good drive north for anyone living in the south of England or Wales. And since Dublin is a lovely 100 mile, 2 hour drive up the coast from Rosslare, the Fishguard to Rosslare route may make even to those whose final destination is in fact Dublin.


Journey Time
Fishguard to Rosslare2 per day3.5 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
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Which ferry company runs the route?
Stena Line run this particular crossing. They are very established with routes over the Irish Sea, since they also offer crossings from Holyhead to Dublin and to Dun Laoghaire.

What is it like on-board?
The crossings takes just 3 and a half hours, and there’s plenty to enjoy on-board during that time. For example, there are free movies (so that could kill a couple of hours already), a comfortable lounge, plenty of shopping and dining opportunities, plus lots of entertainment for the kids. There’s also free Wi-Fi, for anyone needing to do a bit of work, check emails, or just browse the Internet.

So should I book a cabin?
It’s not essential, since the crossing isn’t so long. However, Sten Line offer one very early departure, where it might be more comfortable to get a cabin and some sleep. Cabins are available – from 2 to 4 berth, plus a special 2 berth Comfort Class option. These can be very useful to get some proper sleep if you’ve been driving a long while, or have a long drive ahead.

How far is Fishguard from Rosslare?
The crossing is about 70 miles, and takes 3 and a half hours.

Does the ferry sail overnight?
There are 2 crossings per day, and currently they depart at 2.45 early in the morning, and 14.30 in the afternoon.

Moving on from Rosslare

As mentioned above, Dublin is 2 hours’ drive away. If you want to travel onwards to Cork or Waterford, drive along the N25. Cork is about ninety miles drive, Waterford is only about twenty-eight miles, and Belfast is one-hundred and sixty miles.