The Hook of Holland is a town on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands, very close to the major port of Rotterdam, as well as the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. The crossing is operated by Stena Line and is the shortest and quickest crossing from UK to Holland, since the alternatives (Newcastle to Amsterdam and Hull to Rotterdam) depart from further north in England, whereas Harwich Port is situated on the Essex coast.


Journey Time
Harwich to Hook of Holland2 per day6.45 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
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How long is the ferry crossing from Harwich to Hook of Holland?
The crossing takes just under 7 hours and is operated by Stena Line Ferries.

Does the ferry sail overnight?
Unusually, you can actually choose between a day or night crossing. Since the crossing take around 7 hours, plus check-in times and embarkation, it may well suit you to take the overnight crossing and get some rest.

Is this the best ferry to get to Germany?
If you can reach Harwich easily, then yes, the ferry to Hook of Holland is a good option for Germany. Sadly the only ferry crossing that was direct to Germany (Harwich to Cuxhaven) has been cancelled. If you are aiming to get to the western parts of Germany, the Hook of Holland is quite close (about 1 and a half hours from the German border). However, it’s a 5 hour drive to Hamburg and 7 hours to Berlin. If your final destination is in the north or east of Germany, you might also consider the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry crossing.

What is it like on-board?
Stena Line is very proud to run this route with their new, state of the art Superferries, the Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica. On-board there are a huge number of cabins, plus lounges, restaurants, bars, a cinema, kids’ and teenagers’ areas, plus Wi-Fi Internet access.

Ferry crosings from Harwich to Hook of Holland

Stena Hollandica Super Ferry operates on the Harwich to Hook of Holland route

Harwich to Hook of Holland Seacat

The high speed ferries, knwon as Stena HSS, but often called Seacat in UK, no longer run on the Harwich to Hook of Holland crossing. The HSS service was replaced in January 2007 with the ore traditional style ferries – Stena Hollandica and Stena Britannica. These are often referred to as “super ferries” since they are a huge 240 metres long.

Seacat was a name given to Sea Containers Ferries Ltd, a ferry company offering crossings between England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, using their high speed catamaran ferries. They were the first ferry operator to offer fast ferry services, and the term “Seacat” seems to have stuck, at least in the UK, and is often used to describe other fast ferry services, such as Stena’s HSS. The HSS ferries were also catamaran ferries, which could reach 75 kmh or 40 knots. However, the HSS catamran ferries weren’t very fuel efficient and Stena decided to replace them with the large, conventional ferries.

Moving on from Hook of Holland

The major road network isn’t far away via the A20. From there, a whole range of destinations is accessible by car, including the major cities of Amsterdam (around 40 miles) and The Hague, which is right next door and just 16 miles or so. Also within easy reach are Belgium (Brussels is around 110 miles), France (and Paris is 230 miles away) and Germany (Cologne is 180 miles). Nearer to Hook you can easily reach local places on interest such as Delft and Naaldwijk, which are north east of town, or Maasslius, which is located in the south east.