Ferry service from the UK to Holland is provided by three ferry lines:
- The Danish DFDS line has daily overnight service from Newcastle, Northumberland in northeast England to Amsterdam (Ijmuiden).
- The Swedish Stena Line has twice a day service, one during the day and one overnight, from Harwich, Essex, UK in southeast England, to Hook of Holland, a town on the North Sea coast.
- British P&O Ferries has nightly service from Hull, Yorkshire, UK, to Rotterdam.

Journey Time
Newcastle to Amsterdam7 per week15.5 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
Harwich to Hook of Holland2 per day6.45 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
Hull to Rotterdam7 per week10.45 hoursP&OP & O Ferries

DFDS one-way fares start from £139 for a motorcar and two people. Two people with two bicycles can go for £85 one-way; four passengers with no car can take a one-way trip for £24 per person. The Newcastle-Amsterdam run is pet-friendly — fares per pet start at £19 one-way. Check-in at Newcastle is 2:30-4:30 PM every day. A DFDS ferry departs Newcastle every night at 5 PM and arrives in Amsterdam at 9:30 AM (Sundays, 10 AM). The KING SEAWAYS and the PRINCESS SEAWAYS, constructed in 1986 and newly renovated in 2006, each carry over 500 cars and well over 1000 passengers. You’ll find bars, restaurants, cinemas, shops, a casino and much more aboard each ship. When returning to the UK, check-in at Amsterdam is 2:30-5 PM. The ship departs Holland 5:30 PM and arrives in Newcastle 9 AM (Sundays, 9:30 AM).

The Stena Line out of Sweden offers your choice of a daytime or overnight trip to Holland. The STENA BRITANNICA and STENA HOLLANDICA, with restaurants, bars, shops and a cinema onboard, each carry 1200 passengers and 230 cars. The fares from Harwich to Hook of Holland start at £59 for a car and driver, with additional fees per extra person. Adult bicycle riders pay £38 each; adult foot passengers pay £34, children £17. Infants are always free. Pets, in a kennel or a vehicle, are £15 each. STENA BRITTANICA is the day ship out of Harwich, departing 9 AM Monday through Saturday and arriving in Holland 4:45 PM — on Sundays, the ship departs Harwich 10:30 AM and arrives 6:15 PM. STENA HOLLANDICA leaves Harwich every night at 11:15 PM and arrives in Holland 7:45 AM. Returning to the UK, STENA HOLLANDICA leaves Holland daily at 2:30 PM, arriving at Harwich 8 PM. The STENA BRITANNICA leaves Holland at 10:15 PM Monday through Friday, and at 10 PM Saturday and Sunday, and yet, oddly enough, always arrives in Harwich at 6:30 AM.

P&O Ferries offers overnight voyages from Hull to Rotterdam aboard their two ferries, PRIDE OF HULL and PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM. Each carries 1360 passengers and 250 cars. There are no sailings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Fare is £109 each way for a car and two passengers with a cabin. Check-in at Hull closes at 7:30 PM and departure is at 9 PM. Arrival in Rotterdam is 8:15 AM on weekdays and 9 AM on weekends. Return schedule from Rotterdam is the same, but with an arrival time in Hull of 8 AM.