The Portsmouth to Le Havre route is a popular ferry crossing, especially during the summer. Le Havre is simply French for “The Harbour”, which is an understandable name when you realise freight ships and boats use it to get to Paris, which they can reach by sailing down the Seine river.


Journey Time
Portsmouth to Le Havre7 per week8 hoursLD Lines in association with DFDSLD Lines Ferries

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Which is better: a ferry to Calais, or to Le Havre?
Calais is about a 3 hours drive (170 miles) south west from Le Havre. In other words, if you are aiming to drive to anywhere in the south or south west of France, you will be getting a 3 hour head start should you arrive at Le Havre. Also, should you be traveling to Paris or Disneyland Paris, the drive will be about 1 hour shorter than from Calais.

Which ferry company runs the Portsmouth to Le Havre route?
LD Lines ferries run this particular route. They also offer the Newhaven to Dieppe routes, and the amazing crossing across the Bay of Biscay from Sant-Nazaire in France to Gijon in Spain.

How far is Le Havre from Portsmouth?
It is about 115 miles from Portsmouth to Le Havre.

How long does the crossing take?
The crossing takes 8 hours.

Does the ferry sail overnight?
Yes, the ferry departs Portsmouth at 23.00 and arrives at Le Havre at 08.00. The return journey is not overnight however.

About Le Havre

Le Havre is a wonderful city steeped in a rich history, and it is easy to enjoy exploring on foot, since the place is quite small. There’s a beach, a market, and plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants along the seafront.