Saint Malo is a port city in the north west of France, very near to the Channel Islands. There are ferry crossings that run from Portsmouth, as well as Poole.


Journey Time
Poole to St Malo2 per day7.5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries


What is the distance between Poole and St Malo?
This is actually quite a long crossing in relation to other routes to France. As the crow flies, the distance is about 150 miles from Poole to St Malo.

So how long does the crossing take?
The crossing takes 7 and a half hours on average. By comparison, this is quicker than the Portsmouth to St Malo crossing, which is around 11 hours. However, Poole to Cherbourg takes just 2.5 hours, since it is with a smaller, faster catamaran ferry – the Fast Cat, with Brittany Ferries. St Malo is about 140 miles further south west than Cherbourg.

So is it better to sail to Cherbourg or to St Malo?
Well, if 7 hours on a ferry seems a lot, you would be right to consider the faster Poole to Cherbourg crossing. But the Poole to St Malo route does have some benefits. For example, St Malo is better placed for an onward journey to Brittany and parts of south west France. Also, since the ferry on the Poole to Cherbourg crossing is smaller, it isn’t possible to take caravans or travel with larger vehicles.

If it take over 7 hours, does the ferry sail overnight?
No. There are one or two crossings that arrive quite late in the evening, but overall, the ferries depart Poole in the morning to arrive in St Malo during the afternoon.