Numerous ferry runs are offered by a half-dozen ferry lines from the UK to the Normandy coast and south to the Brittany coast. Let’s sort through these destinations in France.

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Journey Time
Dover to Calais23 per day1.5 hoursP&OP & O Ferries
Dover to Calais10 per day1.5 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
Dover to Calais8 per day1.5 hoursMyFerryLinkMyFerryLink
Dover to Dunkirk12 per day2 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
Poole to St Malo2 per day7.5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to Caen4 per day3.5 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Poole to Cherbourg7 per week2.5 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Cherbourg2 per day3 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Cherbourgonly occasionally5.5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to St Malo7 per week11 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Le Havre7 per week8 hoursLD LinesLD Lines Ferries
Plymouth to Roscoff2 per day6 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Plymouth to St Malo2 per day9.5 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries

Le Havre is a French seaside resort at the mouth of the River Seine, only a two hour drive from Paris. LD Lines has a daily ferry run from Portsmouth that leaves at midnight, arrives 7-8 AM in La Havre, and departs from there 5 PM. From late May to early September, LD also has a 3.25 hour fast-run leaving Portsmouth 8:30 AM and departing Le Havre 2:15 PM. Special rates have been as low as £61.

Dieppe is another resort town in upper Normandy with easy access to Paris. Transmanche Ferries has a four-hour ferry run from Newhaven, the port closest to London, to Dieppe, one departing 9:30 AM and another 10:30 PM. Return ferries from Dieppe depart 5 AM and 6 PM. Fares start at £19.

In Caen, visit the Peace Memorial on the Normandy beaches that commemorates WWII D-Day. Cherbourg is an old French fishing port. From both villages, you travel a short way to view the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry. Also nearby is the famed Mont St Michel island. Brittany Ferries has several crossings to the region:
- Portsmouth and Caen: four crossings per day, either seven-hour conventional run, or a 3.75 hour high-speed run; fares start at £93 pounds for car plus two people
- Poole and Cherbourg: two weekday and three weekend 4.5 hour crossings each week year round — from April to October, add in a high-speed 2.5 hour run; fares start at £87 pounds for car plus two people
- Portsmouth and Cherbourg: from mid-March to the end of October, one or two three-hour runs per day; fares start at £85 pounds for car plus two people

Condor Ferries provides five-hour service to Cherbourg on Sundays in the summer — it leaves Portsmouth 9 AM and returns 4:15 PM. Fare for car and two adults is £80 each way with a seven-day stay.

Dunkirk is well known to WWII historians for the desperate civilian evacuation aboard a multifarious fleet. DFDS Seaways runs a two-hour ferry between Dunkirk and Dover every two hours on weekdays day and night, and similarly days and evenings only on Saturday and Sunday — normal fare for car and two people is £96 roundtrip.

Calais is well-known throughout centuries of English and French history as a gateway between the two countries. Sea France has a dozen departures all day every day from both Calais and Dover — the fast voyage takes a half-hour and fares start at 29 €. P&O Ferries also runs ferries between Dover and Calais, with up to forty-six ninety-minute crossings per day. The fare starts at £29 for foot passengers, who are not allowed on night-time runs. Fares for two adults with car start at £100-110.

Moving south along the French coast into Brittany, we find Roscoff, a small Breton fishing village, and St Malo, which sits on a granite island dominated by a massive ancient citadel, the Cathédrale St Vincent.

Brittany Ferries provides non-stop runs to Brittany:
- Portsmouth and St Malo: a daily ten-hour run except for Saturdays November through March; fares start at £106 pounds for two adults and car
- Plymouth and Roscoff: one eight-hour overnight run and one six-hour daylight run, daily in the months March through October; fares start at £93 for two adults and car

Condor Ferries also provides ferry service to Brittany, with fares from £80 to £110:
- Poole and St Malo: fast three-hour ferry service, several times a week in summer only
- Weymouth and St Malo: six hour voyage, several times a week in summer only, with a possible ship change at Channel Islands