If you own your own caravan or motorhome, nothing’s easier than packing up and setting off for a lovely break. But what if you’re travelling to Europe, or across the sea? Travelling across Europe, Ireland, or anywhere else overseas with your own accommodation is a great experience, but you’ll need to get there first, and the best way of course, is by ferry.

It’s a simple process, although it’s not as simple as booking your ticket and driving yourself on board. When you make your reservations, you will need to provide exact measurements if you are travelling with a motorhome. The entire length of the vehicle needs to be exact, and you must remember to include any fixtures attached that will affect this, such as bike racks and tow bars. Be warned: if you get this wrong, you are likely to be charged when you arrive, usually for every additional metre. This is also true of the height of your motorhome. Make sure you remember to include and roof boxes, racks, or satellite dishes. And don’t forget that if you are carrying a trailer which is higher than your motorhome, this needs to be taken into consideration for the total height. It’s not as important to know the exact width, but it might come in handy, particularly if you have a wider model, such as a coachbuilt motorhome.

If you’re travelling with a caravan, there are also some restrictions in place, depending on which ferry operator you book with. Some have a total length limit of ten metres, so make sure you measure everything before booking. Also, if you’re travelling with a caravan, you won’t be able to travel on a speedferry, or some express services.

A good choice of destination if you’re taking a motorhome or caravan is the north-west of France. There are hundreds of caravan sites to choose from, and it’s a great base to explore the country from, with plenty of sightseeing. Unless you live very close to Dover, you’re much better off driving to Portsmouth or Poole and getting a ferry from here. Although it might be slightly more expensive, the drive once you get to France will be a lot shorter than from Calais.

Do remember that it’s not imperative to do the same journey on your way home. One way tickets are available from many tour operators. But there is a mix and match ticket fare from Brittany Ferries. This is ideal if you’re taking your motorhome or caravan on a tour of the country you’ve picked.

Although Britain does have a lot to offer those who own motorhomes and caravans, it’s much more exciting to explore overseas. Another great point to travelling abroad is that the roads are often less busy. There are hundreds of more interesting routes to take, not just to France, but Ireland and the Channel Islands, or for somewhere more unusual, try Spain or Denmark, and drive back leisurely through Europe.