November starts with some good news for ferry lovers. A new ferry crossing opened up today between England and Spain. The new Poole Santander ferry route is operated by LD Lines, and brings more choice for UK ferry travellers heading to Spain.

The ferries will run two times per week and will depart at 12:00 midday every Tuesday, and 11:30am on Saturdays. The Poole Santander ferry crossing will take 26 hours and travel overnight. Return crossings depart on Thursdays and Sundays.

Poole Santander Ferry Timetable

Poole to Santander

  • Tuesday – Departs 12:00, arrives Wednesday 15:00
  • Saturday – Departs 11:30, arrives Sunday 14:30

Santander to Poole

  • Thursday – Departs 12:00, arrives Friday 13:00
  • Sunday – Departs 18:00, arrives Monday 19:00

Travellers using this route will be boarding LD Lines’ Norman Asturias. The ship has a 518 passenger capacity, with room for 195 cars and 120 freight vehicles. The ship has cabins, bar, shop, lounges, restaurant, cinema, and the all important Wi-Fi (nice to see ferry operators understanding how important this is for travellers).

The introduction of this new Poole Santander ferry route means there is a good deal of choice for UK ferry travellers choosing to go to Spain, with Brittany Ferries offering routes from Portsmouth to Bilbao and Portsmouth to Santander, and occasionally Plymouth to Santander.

poole santander ferry

Santander Beach (photo credit)

LD Lines is a subsidiary of DFDS Seaways, a company which has been working hard recently to keep the choice available to UK ferry passengers, having stepped in to take over some of the Dover to Calais crossings after SeaFrance went bust. The introduction of a new Poole Santander ferry crossing is good news generally for ferry passengers and the ferry industry. The companies involved clearly have confidence in the market, and in particular the demand for ferry travel to Spain. This route will also appeal to anyone wanting to drive to Portugal from UK. Lisbon is about 7 hours and Faro about 9 hours drive from Santander.

A drawback of the recent DFDS takeovers of LD Lines and NorfolkLine is the confusion over which company now runs which route. Perhaps this is something to be expected until all the branding and marketing on vessels and websites etc is complete. But for now, here is a summary of the UK routes offered by the DFDS Seaways group: