Below is a quick reference table for anyone wanting an easy to understand overview of all the major ferry crossings from the UK. We have included ferry crossings to Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Holland and Spain, as well as to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. The table doesn’t include seasonal ferries, and the shorter ferry crossings within the UK, for example to the Isle of Wight, or the Woolwich ferry, have also been omitted.

Journey times are approximate, and the frequency of crossings is the maximum number of crossings offered. During low season or bad weather etc, the number of crossings may be reduced.

Journey Time
Belgiumup to...approx.
Hull to Zeebrugge7 per week13.5 hoursP&OP & O Ferries
Ramsgate to Ostend3 per day4.5 hoursTransEuropaTransEuropa Ferries
Channel Islands
Poole to Jersey2 per day5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Poole to Guernsey2 per day3 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to Jersey6 per week10.5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to Guernsey6 per week7 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Harwich to Esbjerg4 per week17.5 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
Dover to Calais23 per day1.5 hoursP&OP & O Ferries
Dover to Calais10 per day1.5 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
Dover to Dunkirk12 per day2 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
Poole to St Malo2 per day7.5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to Caen4 per day3.5 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Poole to Cherbourg7 per week2.5 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Cherbourg2 per day3 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Cherbourgonly occasionally5.5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to St Malo7 per week11 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Le Havre7 per week8 hoursLD LinesLD Lines Ferries
Plymouth to Roscoff2 per day6 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Plymouth to St Malo2 per day9.5 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Newcastle to Amsterdam7 per week15.5 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
Harwich to Hook of Holland2 per day6.45 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
Hull to Rotterdam7 per week10.45 hoursP&OP & O Ferries
Fishguard to Rosslare2 per day3.5 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
Holyhead to Dublin4 per day3.15 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
Holyhead to Dublin4 per day1 hour 50 minutesIrish ferriesIrish Ferries
Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire7 per week2 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
Liverpool to Dublin3 per day7.5 hoursP&OP & O Ferries
Pembroke to Rosslare2 per day4 hoursIrish ferriesIrish Ferries
Isle of Man
Belfast to Douglas3 per week2.45 hoursSteam Packet CoSteam Packet Co
Birkenhead to Douglas2 per week4.15 hoursSteam Packet CoSteam Packet Co
Heysham to Douglas2 per day3.45 hoursSteam Packet CoSteam Packet Co
Liverpool to Douglas2 per day2.45 hoursSteam Packet CoSteam Packet Co
Northern Ireland
Liverpool Birkenhead to Belfast2 per day8 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
Cairnryan to Larne8 per day1 hourP&OP & O Ferries
Troon to Larne2 per day2 hoursP&OP & O Ferries
Cairnryan to Belfast6 per day2.5 hoursStena LineStena Line Ferries
Portsmouth to Bilbao2 per week1 dayBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Portsmouth to Santander2 per week1 dayBrittanyBrittany Ferries
Plymouth to SantanderInfrequent19.5 hoursBrittanyBrittany Ferries

The ferry operators may make changes to their services without warning. For fuller information on all major UK ferry crossings, see our links above.