Stena Line is a popular ferry company that is based in Sweden, which provides customers with services from UK to Ireland and Holland. The company was founded in 1962 by Sten A. Olsson, making it one of the earliest ferry companies that is still running services today. It was also one of the first companies to have a reservation scheme for passengers running on computers, which was set up ten years after the company started out, in 1972. By 1978, the computer system had expanded to freight ferries.


It was the 1980s that proved to be most profitable for Stena Line, when they acquired a number of other companies. They included Stena Line’s biggest competitor at the time, Sessan Line, so the company took over their Denmark to Sweden route, as well as acquiring two of the company’s enormous ships. The company Varberg-Grenå Linjen also came under the wing of Stena Line, as well as Crown Line in the late eighties. By the nineties, Stena Line were one of the biggest ferry companies in Europe, especially after they obtained Sealink British Ferries in 1990, meaning that they provided customers with services between Ireland and Britain. It was in 1996 that Stena Line first commenced their fast services. These were in operation between the Harwich and the Hook of Holland, Belfast and Stranraer, and Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire.

Another stroke of luck for Stena Line was in 1998, when P&O Ferries merged with the company. Stena line owned forty percent of the shares, and the two companies became known as P&O Stena Line. Over the years it has lost and acquired a number of ships, and now runs passenger services on about ten vessels. As the company has gone from strength to strength, they have been able to branch out and purchase new ships, known as super ferries due to their incredible size. The company now owns some of the largest ferries in the world, and has managed to reduce a number of its journey times.

Stena Line customers have a great choice of routes to take. Routes on the North Sea include The Hook of Holland to Killingholme and Harwich, and Rotterdam to Harwich. Routes on the Irish Sea include Holyhead to Dublin and Dun Laoghaire, Belfast to Cairnryan and Stranraer, and Belfast to Birkenhead and Heysham. For more exotic destinations, you can explore Scandinavia. Routes here include Oslo to Fredrikshavn, Göteborg to Kiel or Frerikshavn, Kalskrona to Gdynia, and Varberg to Grenaa.

Stena Line not only offer ferry tickets, but also package holiday deals, including accommodation and transportation. They offer simple day trips, single journeys, or longer cruises, and the timetables on offer are incredibly flexible. They also offer a rail and sail service, meaning you can purchase an onward rail ticket at the same time as your ferry ticket. Each of the company’s ships provided passengers with comfort on their journey. Longer journeys have overnight cabins and reclining chairs, and all ships have a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants, ensuring you have a relaxing and pleasant time travelling with Stena Line.