Condor Ferries are a popular ferry service agent, mostly providing crossing between the UK and France via the Channel Islands. However, their first services were simply straight to the Channel Islands. The first ferry, the ‘Condor 10’, sailed in 1993 from Weymouth, and was the first fast passenger service on offer for this route. This ship only lasted two seasons. By 1995, she was replaced by ‘Condor 11’. However, the ship got off to a bumpy start when she grounded during her Tasmanian trials: travelling at 36 knots, the ship hit the Black Jack Reef. Despite this hiccup, she was finally put into service in May 1995. She was soon replaced with the ‘Condor 12’, which continued to sail the Channel Islands route.

Condor Ferries main port moved to Poole in 1997. The new ship, the ‘Condor Express’ experienced a few glitches meaning that many of the services ran late. Because of this, the government in the Channel Islands tried to put the service out to tender. Luckily, Condor Ferries were able to hold onto their licence as long as they had a back-up ship for such emergencies. In 1999, the company also purchased a new ship to sail to Saint-Malo from Weymouth. Condor Ferries’ mother company, Commodore Ferries, merged and came under the branding in 2004. But the company had another stroke of bad luck in 2007 when their ship the ‘Commodore Goodwill’ was caught in bad weather. She ran aground in St Helier harbour and was out of action for the busy Christmas period. Luckily, a freight ferry replaced the damaged ship.

Condor Ferries ships now consist of the Condor Express and Condor Vitesse Fast Ferries, the Condor Rapide, and the Commodore Clipper Conventional Ferry, the latter of which has en-suite cabins, reclining seats, a lounge bar, and a Brasserie, making your overnight journey more comfortable.

Their ferries also have great on-board facilities. There is a cafeteria on board every ship, providing hot meals or just snacks, including baguettes, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and hot drinks. The Clipper ship has a table-waiting service, and the menu includes a large selection of hot and cold meals. If you choose to travel on an overnight service and you have purchased a cabin, you will be issued with a voucher which entitles you to a complimentary breakfast. There is also an on-board shop where you can purchase books, magazines, newspapers, drinks and confectionary. Condor Ferries provide good value for money and flexibility with their timetables and ticket selection.
Condor Ferries also provide a good service no matter how you are planning to travel. They accommodate passengers travelling by car, with a caravan, by motorcycle, or simply on foot. They also provide advice on their website about travelling in groups, with children, or with pets.

The main services provided by Condor Ferries nowadays are Weymouth to Jersey (a year-round service), Poole to Jersey (seasonal), Poole to Saint-Malo (seasonal via the Channel islands), Portsmouth to Cherbourg (seasonal and aimed at passengers with caravans), Portsmouth to Jersey, and Jersey to Saint-Malo.