Update: The DFDS ferry route from Harwich to Esbjerg, Denmark has now closed.

For alternative routes, see our pages on ferries to Holland, France and Belgium.

The Harwich to Esbjerg ferry route is operated by DFDS Seaways. It is the only ferry crossing from UK to Denmark. This route replaced the old route from Harwich to Cuxhaven in Germany, which in itself replaced the Harwich to Hambrug route. Sad though it is to see direct ferry crossings from UK to Germany closed – especially the Hamburg route, which navigated down the Elbe early in the morning and was truly old fashioned ferry travel at its best – the current route to Esbjerg is a very popular and enjoyable crossing.


Journey Time
Harwich to Esbjerg4 per week17.5 hoursDFDSDFDS Seaways
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Do I need to book a cabin?
Airline type seats are available on-board for those who don’t have a cabin, and can be comfortable enough for a few hours. However, this is a long crossing. If you are travelling with a group, especially with children, we suggest booking a cabin if you can afford it – it will make the journey so much more enjoyable.

Which ferry company runs the route?
DFDS Seaways run this particular route and have done for many years, albeit in different forms.

Where can I find the best deals?
Since there is only one ferry operator for this particular route, the best place to find deals and offers will be via the official DFDS Seaways website.

How far is Esbjerg from Copenhagen?
Good question. It would be a shame to be in Denmark and not visit Copenhagen! It’s a good 3 hour drive of around 190 miles, virtually due east from Esbjerg to Copenhagen. This is a great drive, since it takes you across the ├śresund Bridge, although be aware that some tolls will be involved.

Does the ferry sail overnight?
Yes, the ferry departs Harwich in the evening, and arrives around lunchtime in Esbjerg the next day

Moving on from Esbjerg

Esbjerg is a small town, and well placed for onward journeys, although has much to offer in its own right. From Esbjerg it’s an easy drive to Legoland, for example, or down to the German border. The nearest German city is Flensburg, which is famous for its beer, but also famous with German drivers as the administrative HQ for driving violations. So drive slowly!

The beautiful city of Aarhus (Denmark’s second city) is 103 miles away, Copenhagen is 186 miles away, Flensburg in Germany is around 90 miles, and Hamburg is 194 miles away.