If you’re going on a driving holiday to France, one of the best ways is to travel by the Eurotunnel Shuttle Service from Folkestone to Calais. It’s great alternative to the ferries to France, and perfect if you are not keen on sea travel or want to speed up your journey.

The tunnel itself is very easy to find, as it has its own exit on the M20 near Folkestone. Simply take the 11A junction exit, and you’ll be at the check in area in a jiffy. If you are journeying from France, get on the A16 near Calais, and take the exit at junction 42, which will take you directly to the check in.

Prices on the Eurotunnel start from £22 for a single journey by car. If you are travelling on a motorbike, it’s only £11. The great benefit of the Eurotunnel is that whatever kind of car you drive, you’ll find it good value for money. You won’t have to pay any excess charges for your luggage, so you can fill the car to the brim with clothes, sports equipment, or just the whole family.

You can also check in before you get there by using the Eurotunnel online service. Simply print out your boarding pass at home and drive into the correct lane. The only luggage restriction on the tunnel is flammable gas, so if you are taking a caravan or campervan which requires gas for power, check with the website for conditions of travel.
Be aware of height restrictions if you are travelling with a campervan or a caravan. If it measures taller than 1.85 metres, you might need to check with the website.

If this is the case, you will probably be allocated a spot in the single-deck area, as opposed to the double deck. The ceiling height here is much higher to accommodate your vehicle. It might be wise to make your journey outside of peak hours to ensure you get the best service.

If you are travelling by motorcycle, it is one of the fastest ways to cross the Channel, and only half the price of taking a car. You will board the shuttle at the back, and stay with your bike for the duration of the journey, which is a mere thirty-five minutes.

Travelling by the Eurotunnel Shuttle Service by car gives you great freedom during your time away. It’s the fastest way to get to France at only thirty-five minutes. The timetables on offer are flexible, with four crossings during busy periods. If you book well in advance, or travel during non-peak hours, the fares tend to be cheaper. And unlike trains or ferries, you only have to buy one ticket to cover all passengers within your vehicle.

It’s great to be able to drive from the motorway, onto the shuttle, and back onto the motorway at the other end, as it makes your journey all the more easy. And it’s always relatively quiet when you reach the French side of the tunnel, with a multitude of motorway networks to travel onwards to your destination.