One of the easiest and most comfortable ways of getting to France these days is by taking the Eurostar from London. It is one of the quickest ways to get to the continent, taking only two hours and fifteen minutes. If you’re not a keen flyer, or if you get seasick, going by train is the best way to travel.

The main benefit of the Eurostar is that you don’t have to wait around in queues. The check-in is simple, and you don’t have to loiter for hours in a departure lounge. You also needn’t worry about traffic, as it’s a direct route, or worry about onward travel when you reach your destination. The Eurostar stops in Paris’ Gare du Nord, which is as close as you can get to the centre of the city. Once you’ve had your ticket checked, just hop onto the train and relax.

St Pancras International is one of the most central points in London to reach, so it couldn’t be easier. Eurostar also offers ‘through fares’. This means you can purchase a ticket from over one-hundred destinations in the United Kingdom, which go all the way to Paris. So there’s no need to buy two or three separate tickets, and you’ll have only one payment coming out of your account. This will also include travel on the London Underground, should your journey require it. St Pancras International is a central location, with plenty of rail services running through it, as well as six different Underground lines. Euston Station and Kings Cross are also very close, which both operate trains to the north of England.

You can book your Eurostar tickets online in advance and then collect them from Kings Cross St Pancras International. Alternatively, you can call the Eurostar helpline and book over the phone. You can also print your tickets from home.

Before your journey, you can really make the most of your time. There is free wifi access at all of the stations between St Pancras and Paris, so you can do some work, or simply browse the web to pass the time.

Don’t forget to take your passport with you for the journey, as you will need this to check in along with your ticket. If you are travelling with children, they’ll need their own valid documentation. Please also remember to check whether you will be requiring a visa for the duration of your stay. Once you’re onboard, you’ll be surprised at the quality of food available. There are three different types of tickets – Business premier, Standard premier, and Standard – each class sporting a different menu.

It’s as easy as that. Once you arrive in Paris, take some time to explore the beautiful capital of romance. Don’t miss such delights as the Louvre, the Sacre-Coeur, and the Eiffel Tower, as well as the Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame. There are some incredible restaurants, cafes and bars, so enjoy exploring all the Paris has to offer.