Guernsey is a very popular tourist destination with British travellers. It’s just off the coast of Normandy in France, but is famously part of the British Crown Dependency, and a wonderful mixture of Britain and France. taking the car can make the visit extra special, since it means you can explore the island easily, and since they are well connected by ferries, you can explore Jersey and perhaps even the French mainland too.


Journey Time
Poole to Guernsey2 per day3 hoursCondorCondor Ferries


Which ferry company runs the route?
Condor run this particular ferry crossing, plus various others you might use during a trip to the Channel islands and the neighbouring area of France.

How far is Jersey from Guernsey?
Condor offer frequent ferry crossings with a fast ferry (like the one from Poole to Guernsey) taking just 1 hour, or the conventional ferry taking around 2 hours.

Does the ferry sail overnight?
There’s no need. These ferries are very fast and the crossing is over in just 3 hours! To put that in perspective, Dover to Calais is less than a third of the distance, yet the crossing there takes 1 and a half hours.

How far is it from Poole to Guernsey?
It’s just over 100 miles from Poole to Guernsey. It’s just under 30 miles from Dover to Calais.

Moving on from Guernsey

Obviously Guernsey is an island, so moving on with your car would involve another ferry. But thanks to good old Condor, that’s not a problem. In fact you have a choice of hopping over to the fellow Channel Island of Jersey, or making your way to the French mainland at St Malo.