Condor Ferries offers two types of ferry service to the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, close by the Normandy coast of France – there are fast ferries from the ports of Weymouth and Poole and a conventional ferry service out of Portsmouth. All three UK ports have easily reachable by car via the main roads of the South.

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Journey Time
Poole to Jersey2 per day5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Poole to Guernsey2 per day3 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to Jersey6 per week10.5 hoursCondorCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to Guernsey6 per week7 hoursCondorCondor Ferries

Please not that frequency of crossings is a maximum. Frequency may change during low season. Journey times given are approximate.

Sample fares to either of the Channel Islands shows a quote of £145-180 for a car with two passengers, and £35-45 for a single foot passenger.

Conventional ferry service leaves from Portsmouth most every weekday at 9 AM, taking most of the day for the voyage. You will arrive in Guernsey in late afternoon and in Jersey early evening. There are some Saturday trips on the same time schedule to coincide with special events on the islands.

Seasonal fast ferry service leaves from Poole mid-afternoon every Monday and Friday in the spring, with occasional other weekdays added as summer arrives. The ship arrives in Guernsey late-afternoon and in Jersey early evening. In the autumn, the departure from Poole switches to Saturdays and Sundays.

Fast ferry service leaves Weymouth at various hours and on various days all week long. It’s about three hours to Guernsey and four hours to Jersey. There are early morning departures between 5 AM and 6:30 AM on Saturdays, departures between 6 AM and 9 AM on various weekdays that cover more days of the week as summer approaches, and departures between late morning and late afternoon mostly on Mondays and Fridays, with a Saturday or other weekday thrown in every so often.

To summarize, you can count on the weekday Portsmouth ferry service year round. The fast ferry runs are at their most numerous in the summer and at a minimum or not at all during other seasons of the year.

The two high-speed ferries are the “Condor Express” and the “Condor Vitesse” – each carries 741 passengers and 175 cars. Each has a duty-free shop, a cafeteria that serves hot meals, a TV room for children, a bar and spacious air-conditioned lounges. Every ticket-holder is guaranteed a seat, but there are no cabins.

The “Commodore Clipper” is the conventional ferry, equipped for year-round all-weather service — the ship can carry 300 passengers and 100 cars. Cabins and Club Class are available, as well as reclining seats for all. A bar and a brasserie serve food and drink. There’s a duty-free shop and a recreation area for children.

In Guernsey, the arrival port is St. Peter; in Jersey, St. Helier. On either island, simply hike, cycle, surf, scuba dive, golf, kayak or sail your way to exhaustion. Visit the zoo on Jersey and the aquarium on Guernsey. Stay over if you like.

When it gets to be time to head home, the conventional ferry departs mid-evening most every weekday and arrives back in the UK 6:30 AM. Fast ferries are on variable schedules, so double-check the island departure day and time — most leave mid-afternoon to mid-evening, and arrive late-afternoon to late-evening.