Travel guide to Denmark and guide to ferry crossings to Denmark.

  • Oresund Bridge, Denmark and Sweden

    Oresund Bridge, Denmark and Sweden

    Before the Oresund Bridge, residents of Malmo in Sweden or Copenhagen in Denmark had to take a one and a half hour ferry ride across the Oresund Strait that separates […]

  • Visiting Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

    Visiting Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

    If you are touring around Denmark it is inevitable that you will come across an old castle or two, locally known as “slot”. One particular “slot” well worth a visit […]

  • Mandoe Wadden Sea Denmark

    Wadden Sea National Park, Denmark

    Visiting a coastal paradise on Denmark’s doorstep by Richard Davies. Wadden Sea National Park (known as Nationalpark Vadehavet in Denmark) is, as the English version of the name suggests, a […]

  • Denmark – The Gateway to Scandinavia

    Denmark – The Gateway to Scandinavia

    Did you know that you can drive from Esbjerg in Denmark, to Malmö in Sweden in under 4 hours? And from Malmö to Oslo, Norway in 5 and a half […]

  • Esbjerg Destination Guide

    Esbjerg is a small town on the west coast of Denmark, and one of the main harbours for the North Sea. Despite its size, it’s a wonderful place to visit, […]