Channel Tunnel

About Channel Tunnel crossings, with Eurostar or Eurotunnel, as a passenger or with a car.

  • Ferry or Tunnel to France?

    Ferry or Tunnel to France?

    These days there’s quite a choice for anyone wanting to quickly hop over from England to France by car. For example, there are 3 ferry operators – DFDS Seaways, MyFerryLink […]

  • About Eurostar Trains

    About Eurostar Trains

    One of the easiest and most comfortable ways of getting to France these days is by taking the Eurostar from London. It is one of the quickest ways to get […]

  • About Eurotunnel Trains

    If you’re going on a driving holiday to France, one of the best ways is to travel by the Eurotunnel Shuttle Service from Folkestone to Calais. It’s great alternative to […]